FAQs on Support to The JB Tech Tricks

Jaywardhan Makwana

How can I Support to JB Tech Tricks ?
You can donate to JB Tech Tricks by clicking on http://localhost/wp/support.
Here you can make one-time, monthly, or annual contributions.

Why does JB Tech Tricks ask its readers and viewers for support?
currently we are still in the beta stage & not profitable. We pay the hosting , domain & bandwidth fees on our own. So your donations & support makes us capable for providing content.

How does a recurring support plan help JB Tech Tricks?
Content gathering and publishing is a human-intensive exercise. Any report published by JB Tech Tricks requires at least 4-5 individuals to actively work on it. To-light mod keep The JB Tech Tricks sustainable, we have to create a predictable and stable source of income. A recurring support plan by our readers and viewers is the best way to achieve this.

Will a donation of a sum as low as Rs 200 a month help The Wire?
Yes. Every small bit counts. When you commit to support us with Rs 200 every month or even Rs 10 for an article, we see someone who is making our website stronger. This gives us confidence to continue doing our work.

What information will JB Tech Tricks collect from me when I make a payment?
JB Tech Tricks will retain your email id and mobile number to ensure that payment confirmation or failure can be recorded and intimated.

Is my information safe?
Yes. The Wire does not share any information you share during the payment process with any third party other than the payments service providers. We also promise not to sell or trade your information in any form. The data collected during the process is stored in a way that complies with the best data security protocols in the industry.

How long does a recurring contribution remain active?
All recurring contributions remain active until cancelled.